August 22, 2013


Hello all! Hope your week went well! I have spent most of the week bedridden due to health issues (feeling much better now) which has led me to try experimenting with different food diets specifically, gluten. (dun dun dun) Though I haven't been diagnosed with Celiac I am eliminating gluten from my diet for three week. (yes, I know...) So I am bound and determined to eat the food that I love and be gluten free.

If you've been here before you may have seen my Margarita Flatbread which was the inspiration for my GF Margarita Piza. The other pizza is a oh-so-yummy white pizza with spinach. So let's get to it! 

For the pizza crust I used the Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Mix which this was my first time working with gf flours. 
I prepared the dough per the instructions and then piled on tons of pizza sauce, fresh chopped basil and pearls of mozzarella.

For the second pizza I used alfredo sauce as the base and topped with spinach, basil and monterrey cheese. 

So after trying out this recipe I am pleased to say that the gluten free pizza is's not perfect. I think that this type of dough would be best suited as a thin crust pizza and so now I get to experiment again next time! But overall taste and quality are very good and I will definitely buy it again. xoxo - Hillary 

FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I purchased this product with my own money and all opinions are my own and honest.