August 12, 2013


Hello All! Here we are at Monday again....ugh.... and in my life I'm heading back to class..(double ugh) to work off another semester toward my Marketing Degree, yay! So I didn't have too much time this weekend to get my DIY on, but I did manage to come up with these little beautieis that I think are just FAB-ulous. They were pretty simple to make and I love that I can wear them on any shoes I like! Enjoy

To get started you will need just a few things: some paint, leather bows, super strong craft glue, paintbrush, and shoe clips.  The bows I'm using came from a pair of shoes I had a while back that just didn't look right so off they were snipped and have been sitting in my crafting stuff since, but you probably can find some plastic or leather bows at a craft store.  Or Ebay?

I rotated between thin coats of paint and drying for the bows until I had the color the shade I wanted. 
And I added a little gold paint to the top of the bows for a little something extra. 

Lastly I E6000 some shoe clips on the back and left that to dry for 24 + outside in well ventilated area. After it was dry I did spray the tops with an acrylic sealer to give it that nice shiny leather look. 

 Also when using this stuff be sure to NOT breathe in it and use it outside and wear gloves and a mask- I know it sound silly but this stuff is pretty serious. I'm patiently awaiting a glue company to make a less harmful glue.....hint hint....anyone?

There you have it! Shoe clips that you can use to spice up any pair of shoes. Until next time xoxo - Hillary 
FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I purchased this product with my own money and all opinions are my own and honest.

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  1. Love this idea! SO easy and creative! That's my kind of project!

  2. Super cute!!! I need some of these!!

  3. So fun! My girls would love these and even love helping me make them! I'll be featuring these on my blog tomorrow!

    Thanks for linking up!


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