March 6, 2013


When it comes to Mod Podge I'm kind of an addict....(no, I'm not eating it!)... but I literally want to deco podge everything I own - like you don't even know. Or maybe you do know and you also share in my creative itch to paint or glue everything you can get your hands on, well in that case we're going to get along just fine.

Recently while I was purusing my favorite place on the web (other than Pinterest) the clearance section at  And seriously if you have never looked at this part of their website you are missing out! I have found SO many great deals at 50-75% off the original price and you would never know I got some of my best pieces dirt cheap.  

Granted, with all things clearance you have to be a little picky, but more on that later... Anyway, I found this purse (below) at the wow! price of $8.- (I don't remember the exact change amount) but I couldn't pass up this beauty- so I bought three... one in pink, blue, and black. And why yes, I am going to do a DIY for all three of them!  

Of course like all DIY projects you need your supplies, mine are an old floral shirt which I only needed the sleeves so save the shirt for a later project. Mod Podge, brush and scissors. (also clear spray later for finishing)

Using just the sleeves of the shirt I carefully cut out the floral pieces that I wanted to use -varying in size for a neat and balanced look. 
Then I laid the part of the bag down where I wanted the flowers and arranged them and rearranged until I found the best placing that I liked.

Using the Mod Podge I covered the area where each flower would go and then placed the fabric flower down on top of the glued area.

I actually glued slightly larger than the flower so that the edges would be saturated with the glue and then used a Q-Tip to clean up around the fabric edge. Once all the flowers have dried completely you can go over the top of them with another layer of glue and allow that to dry. Once dried you can use a sealing spray in gloss or matte to seal everything together- shouldn't need to heavy a coat.

I'm so happy with how my floral bag turned out and how perfect for spring it will be.
(one of my lovely little sister's helped as my model for this one)

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FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I purchased this product with my own money and all opinions are my own and honest.