October 8, 2012


Makeup is always one of the hardest things to organize and it varies by collection as to how someone should organize their makeup. Thankfully after many hours of searching I have found what works best for me and maybe it will work for you too!

I was so happy when I found this the Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner on QVC and at $29.82 it didn't break the bank.

It's so simple and holds all of my makeup with room to spare! Here's a look at it in my bathroom Also I keep my makeup brushes in a wine glass that I found at a yard sale.

The organizer is supposed to hold around 100 pieces of makeup but this can vary since some items are different sizes.

Here's an example of how it spins -sorry if it's a bit shaky. 

Now I am not telling you to go out and buy this- but if you're having trouble keeping up with all your makeup I hope this gave you some inspiration on how to organize your collection. 

Also I will be doing a post on other types of makeup organizers soon so stay tuned! xoxo - Hillary

FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I purchased this product with my own money and all opinions are my own and honest.