January 14, 2014

Quick Tip: Holiday Storage Ideas

Hopefully you aren't like me and still in the process of taking down Christmas, but if you are then here are a couple budget friendly tips for organizing all the holiday decorations.

So my first tip as you see above is for keeping light strands untangled. You simply use a large, long piece of cardboard and make two slits at each end and then proceed to wrap the lights around the panel until you reach the end where you can secure the plugs into the cut out slits. Super easy, right?

The second tip is for storing your faux wreathes throughout the year. I came up with this one after searching for a wreath holder and only finding them in the upper $20 - this was just not okay... Anyway! You simply grab a large trash bag - mines 13 Gal - and place your wreath inside. Insert a clothes hanger at the top and tie the bag around the neck of the hanger. Done! Now you can hang your seasonal wreaths in the closet or storage shed and they won't get flattened.
Happy organizing! xoxo - Hillary 

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