December 30, 2013

New Beginnings - Goals

I used to think that setting goals was a pretty silly thing to do. My thoughts were "why set goals you'll never achieve" , but then as I got older I started realizing that I LOVE setting goals. I am a planner, I like to have a plan and for the most part stick to it and I find when I do this I am happiest. So this New Year I am setting some goals, fairly simple ones as not to get overwhelmed. So here they are...

  1. Complete the Whole30 program. What is whole 30 you ask? Well it's a detox that bases itself around the paleo diet. Getting the body back to only food that is truly healthy and getting the mind free of cravings and food crutches. You can read all about it on their website here
  2. Getting Organized: I feel like this one is a goal that you all share as well, because come on, who doesn't want to be organized? For me though I want to organize in way that allows me to simplify my life. I don't want to just find a pretty way to hide all the junk in my house, but I actually want to look at what I have an determine if some or even most of it is truly necessary. 
  3. Focus More on Schoolwork: This one is a big one for me because as a freshmen and sophomore in college I didn't apply myself as much as a should have. Now I find that I am kicking myself for it and GPA's are hard things to bring up. So if I'm not posting much you can safely assume diligently studying for my classes. 
  4. Getting Fit: No, I didn't sign up for a gym member ship that I won't use ever again. Thankfully I live in one of those places that has a workout room on site and I find nothing wrong with living room exercise or just some good old outdoor jogging. For this particular goal I find that it's not about losing weight (going grain free fixed that quick on it's own!) but I'm actually trying to gain some weight - well muscle really. I have always been blessed with a small shape, but in the muscle department I am seriously lacking.
So these are my goals for 2014 - I plan on doing weekly updates through January on my whole 30 like what I'm eating and I will be doing some organizing posts so if you're interested make sure to stay tuned. Happy New Year! - Hillary

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