November 3, 2013

Our New Furry Friend

Hello all! In today's post I'm super excited to introduce you to my new little furry friend Luna. (Yes, like Luna Lovegood!) Matthew and I adopted her about four weeks ago after spotting her in our local PetSmart. We've known for a while that we wanted a Cat, but the timing and funds were just never lining up the right way. Until one day we were at our local mall finding M some new work pants and I thought we'd just "pop in to PetSmart and take a peek at the cute kittens" are you seeing the flaw in my plan yet?

Well of course they did have some adorable kittens, but our particular apartment complex requires animals to be at least a year old in order to live here. This had been our biggest frustration since we weren't sure if it would be difficult to deal with an adult cat vs. training a kitten. 

So into the pet store we went and there she was, well if I only I knew then....and she was this cute little Calico cat who also happened to be about a year old and she had already had all the necessary vaccines and procedures done. It seemed like the perfect situation, but we still felt a little uncertain with such a big decision so we headed home.  Although I still couldn't get her out of my mind, she had been so sweet in the store and so cute! So on the way home M and I decided that if she was still there in a few days when we'd be back in town we would revisit the idea. Well, knowing that cute and friendly cats tend to go pretty fast I put the idea on my "metaphorical back burner" and decided not to get my hopes up. 

So to make an even longer story a little shorter, those three days later while out to lunch, we found out  through Matthew's dad that there was a cute cat that he had seen that morning matching her exact description. Needless to say I abandoned that whole "not getting my hopes up" and got really excited! We headed over to PetSmart and low and behold it was her! She was still there! So we mostly spent the rest of the day going through the adoption procedure and running around getting the various cat necessities that we would need. At the end of everything (paperwork, phone calls, buying stuff) we got to bring her home that day!

It's now been about four weeks and we are extremely happy to have her! xoxo - Hillary

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