July 10, 2012


I'm a big fan of candles- my favorites are the Slatkin & Co. from Bath and Body Works and from time to time I find myself wandering into Yankee Candle while at the mall. But the problem is what I am supposed to do with the candles that are used up?

I hate throwing away something that has potential so Instead I revamped and gave my used up candles a face lift and put them to work organizing. 

The method that I found to work best for me is to use hot tap water in the sink. You just need to fill the sink up a few inches with hot water and place the candle in for about 10 minutes.

Grab a clean butter knife and begin to loosen up the edges of the wax.

 After it's all loosened you should be able to life chunks of the wax out- for a later project you can place the wax into a Ziploc bag.

The wicks should come out with the wax- if not use some hot water to melt the adhesive holding them in. 

Peel off your bottom sticker and side stickers

Place the front sticker onto the Ziploc bag with the left over wax so you can easily tell what the scent is for a later project. 
Wash the jar thoroughly with warm water and liquid  dish soap and let dry. Finger nail polish remover will help with any remaining residue
Enjoy and happy organizing!
What do you think? Was this D.I.Y helpful to you? Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts! 

 FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I purchased this product with my own money and all opinions are my own and honest.